This is a Knowledge Blog resource for the SageCite Project.

SageCite was a JISC-funded project which investigated issues related to data citation in the specific domain of disease network modelling.  Through this knowledge blog we are sharing some of our findings.  These include reviews of technologies related to data citation, from ontologies used to describe provenance to proposed methods of citation.  Other articles present perspectives on citation, including requirements and implications.  We hope that this site becomes a valuable resource for the community.

As of August 2011, when the SageCite project funding came to an end, we have shared the following reviews and articles:



So You Want to Cite Your Data: The Consequences of Data Citation.

Why do we need Data Citation – Take Two


Cut and Paste Citation from OpenAttribute.com



Open Provenance Model

We would like to propose to the community, particularly the JISC Managing research Data Community, to undertake a collaborative initiative to update and augment this site. Other topics of review that could be added to this site include:

Ontologies: OAI-ORE, CiTO, SPAR, CERIF

Identifiers: EzID

Citation Mechanisms: MicroAttribution, TrackBack

Initiatives: VIVO, SharedNAmes, Open PHACTS, LiquidPubs, DataConservancy, PlanetData


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